Transfer Case Repair in Toledo

The transfer case is the component of a vehicle that splits the power between the front and rear axles. In vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive systems, the transfer case makes it possible for the front and rear wheels to operate at different speeds in order to put the power where it's needed. In four wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case locks the front and rear axle drive shafts so that all of the tires are spinning at the same speed.

How to Tell If There Is a Problem with Your Vehicle's Transfer Case

If your vehicle is experiencing a problem with the transfer case or controlling electronics, your four wheel or all-wheel drive may not be operating properly. While other mechanical issues can have the same symptoms of a faulty transfer case, here are some common signs to watch for if you're suspicious of transfer case problems:

  • Your vehicle slips while in motion or chatters when turning
  • You hear noises when shifting gears or when driving at specific speeds
  • Noises that only occur from the front area of your vehicle when it's cold out
  • Grinding or squealing noises when the vehicle is in motion
  • Stuck in 2nd or four wheel only

Transfer Case Repair or Replacement

Many 4 wheel drive issues are electronic in nature and we will scan the computer and ohm out the circuits before pulling or repairing the transfer case as removal may not be necessary. If it is an internal problem, pulling and repairing the transfer case as needed will result in considerable savings. When you bring your four wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle into Lay's Transmission, our experienced mechanics will provide you with the honest knowledge that you need to make an informed decision on your vehicle's repairs.

With dozens of used and rebuilt transfer cases in stock, Lay's is able to provide a guaranteed quick turnaround time, while providing you with top of the line quality parts and service. For all of your transfer case needs in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas, contact Lay's Transmission today at 419-476-4088.

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